October 31, 2000

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I say "fuck" and "shit" too much. Fuck me.

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Holy shit, I just head a couple songs from the Chris Dodge/Dave Witte East West Blast Test record (Slap A Ham). It is some of the fastest, most crazy shit I've ever heard. But somehow it makes sense. It's almost funny how fucking insane and unpredictable this record is. Really precise and tight. mm mm good.

What's up with me warming up to grindcore these days? A couple years ago, I would hear the word "Spazz" and cringe.

haha, "flower power violence." Fucking awesome.

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Al Gore and Fred Phelps, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Well, kinda. Interesting and not-really-surprising article, though.

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Some people have been nice enough to link to my shitty weblog lately, so I thought I'd plug em. Jessie, Mari, Gilbert, and Kelly. You all rock hard. In no particular order.

Oh yeah, Tovi's daily entry from 10.29.00 is really awesome. Sums up a lot of what I believe about voting for Nader, and also that "a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush" propaganda a lot of poeple seem to be believing these days...which, to me, is complete bullshit. Just my humble opinion. Go Tovi!

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This article is way too fucking hilarious.

"...But eventually, the strain of the long-distance thing got to be too much. That's why we broke up. That and Michael's inability to keep his cock out of my roommate Bruce's mouth."

Pure fucking genius.

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Man the past couple of days have been pretty crazy. I've been in my room for like two minutes, the rest of the time I was out doing...whatever the hell I was doing. Umm. Yeah.

So last night was the Pedro the Lion show. Which was awesome!! I love Pedro so much, his songwriting is really something special, I know that's all corny and shit but I dunno how else to say it.

But honestly, he's not the most exciting person to watch when he's playing songs live. But that's cool. I mean, listening to his music, I can't really picture him doing anything other than standing there and closing his eyes. If he was like thrashing on the ground with a "SAAATTTTTAAAAANNNNN" look on his face, I'd probably stand there, arms crossed, laughing my arse off.

Anyway, tonight I went to another show: Bad (fucking) Religion!!! Fucking shit, it was so good. I got kinda crushed, though I managed to snap a half a roll of photos before my camera got knocked out of my hands twice, and my glasses were like danging on my ear at the end of every song. And now the hearing in my right ear is much less functional than that of my right ear. But I've witnessed much worse than that. And it's all about the rock. Or something.

Bad Religion are fucking awesome! And even though they're like 88343284 years old (in punk rock years), they still churn out a shitload of raw energy and enthusiasm from the beginning to the end of their set. Fucking awesome.

I saw so many cute guys there, it was unbelievable...the guy with the leopard print hair. Holy shit. It's not fair.

And of course, I didn't say a word to any of them. Yeah I'm so smooth. Sigh.

I also picked up a few good records today, the new Drowningman album (which is fucking ridiculously amazing), an old Saint Etienne album (the one with "Only Love Can Break Your Heart"....aww yeah), a Crispus Attucks record, and also some promos Jump Up sent me (including the new Telegraph album, with the robot-like, incredible drummer who used to play with the Suicide Machines).

Name-dropping is fun, especially when I suck at it.

October 29, 2000

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Bluelotus likes me. Woo hoo!

Tonight I am seeing Pedro the Lion. Aww yes.

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Just put up my buddy Chuck's new writing section at 321KAOS. He's only 15 and he writes that sweet shit! I wish I could write like that.

October 28, 2000

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Just a quick reminder that my eBay auctions are over in less than a day. Steal your dad's money while he's sleeping and bid your asses off (actually don't do that...but bidding would be cool).

The money will go towards a new business thing I am starting out of my dorm room, selling cool shirts, stickers, buttons, patches, and more, using my artwork and design. Neat stuff for cheap, economological prices. Should be fun.

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Check out Mimi Nguyen's web-site. You know her (and love her) from Punk Planet. Well, I do, at least.

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This site is Going Green. Well, it went green already. Eh. Whatever.

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Just got this email about my good friend George W. Bush. Here are some statistics of the state of Texas under his "leadership":

50th in spending for teachers' salaries

49th in spending on the environment

48th in per-capita funding for public health

47th in delivery of social services

42nd in child-support collections

41st in per-capita spending on public education


5th in percentage of population living in poverty

1st in air and water pollution

1st in percentage of poor working parents without insurance

1st in percentage of children without health insurance

What's the point of all this? Well, think about what he would do to America if he were elected president (cringe).

Living in the same town as him, it's not very difficult at all to see the impact of these statistics on this city. I saw it and walked right through it on Thursday (not to sound condescending), when I took the bus over to the volunteer office at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Travis County. It is in the heart of what would normally be considered a "bad area." You know what I mean.

The building itself is situated right next to a big cemetery, which is kinda ironic and morbid....but let's not think about that.

Anyway, Austin is a very strange city...it's like once you cross this highway, I-35, and enter the east half of the city, there is a dramatic change in the outer appearances of the houses, food markets, etc. It is supposedly an area for the "lower class" to live (again, not to sound condescending). I have heard several people say "that's where all the Mexicans and Blacks live." Which I absolutely despise hearing...

But I take the bus through these areas a few times each week, and just wonder how some people (*ahem* George W. Bush *ahem*) can be so blind to this obvious difference in lifestyle you can find in eastern Austin. How can the city just let these areas sit there and get "worse"? Ack.

I take the bus through these areas and the images of Austin as this "high-tech, dot-com" city quickly fade away.

On the way to BBBS, I bumped into this kid who was skating on the sidewalk near the cemetery. He was ollying or something. But anyway, I told him "hey man, cool tricks" and he didn't understand me 'cause he didn't speak English ("no ingles"). He smiled and asked me (in Spanish) if I knew how to skate. I tried my best to remember how to say "I don't know how" but shit...couldn't think of it.

Even with my shitty Spanish-speaking skills, the kid was still very friendly. But I could sense some sort of loneliness in his eyes...just the way his face lit up when I smiled and said something to him. Sigh.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is gonna rock!!!

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Man I got waaayyyyy too much sleep. Like, more than 12 hours. Uggh.

But I had this really amazing dream. It was kinda like one of those Bruce Willis action movies...except I was Bruce Willis. Well, I was myself. Anyway...

It started out with a friend and me walking into this porn movie theater (haha...who would've thought?), and we sit down and the opening credits are going on, displaying the funny porn aliases (I remember thinking to myself, "if I was in a porn, my name would be 'Boner n' Balls Ben'" or something), it's taking forever.

But finally, the movie comes on, and suddenly, I'm the star of the fucking movie!! But it's not a porn (hehe...I know you're all thinking "dammit!" OK not really...geez I sound so fucking obnoxious. anyway), it's some action movie, and it takes place on this big ass cruise ship. My cousins from NYC were in it, too. I remember them sleeping a lot, and playing video games.

Shit, I can't remember what happened next. But I remember towards the end, we were pushed out on the balcony and there were all these people trying to push us off (trying to kill us, I guess). I fought a couple of them off (haha...I guess working out every other night pays off), and watched them as they plummetted into the ocean in slow motion.

I remember there was this big guy who was my friend or something (I think I met him on some deserted island...in my dream, of course), and the scene went into instant replay, but the second time, he died. D'oh.

So finally, we reached shore, and the citizens declared us national heroes or some shit like that. Wonderful.

Does this dream have meaning? Probably not. Ah, well.

October 27, 2000

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This blog rocks. And the guy who does this site is so fucking cute. Shh, don't tell.

It is 9:25 PM on a Friday night and I am tired as balls. Goodnight.

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The Onion has an interesting interview with Michael Moore.

And get the new Suburban Voice (#44) 'cause it has a really great, long interview with Dillinger Four. Plus a photo of Lane with his shirt off. Gotta love those man boobies. haha...but he's fucking sexy as hell, I don't care.

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kaosboy orders you to watch the Oakland, CA Nader rally. Jello Biafra spoke at it, how fucking cool is that? His speech is awesome. I love his energy and...sarcasm. hehe.

October 26, 2000

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I wanna watch Rock n' Wrestling but the guys in the lounge are too busy in their little macho competition.

"Dude that girl is so fine!"

"Where is she from?"

"Brazil dude."

"Aww man, I'm so there!"

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Queer Duck: Episode 3. It's here and it's queer. And stuff.

October 25, 2000

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Dunno who this person is, but he/she/it linked to aquabotic.com, so they get extra kaosboy bonus points. Yipee.

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I sat there at the picnic table, pretending to do my math homework due in 45 minutes, when I was really eyeing this crow that was walking on the table right near me (and also some cute guy sitting two tables over).

I slowly took out my camera (art fag p-p-power! or something) to take a photo of the crow, trying not to scare it off, and this girl sitting across from me started talking to me, saying she's a business school student who loves photography. I told her I take my camera around with me everywhere I go 'cause you never know when "random shit" will happen. She tells me all she really wants to do right now is travel around the world and take photos. Sigh.

So we talked about random shit for a half an hour and she was just so nice and friendly and easy to get along with. She had cool glasses, too.

And I know I'm supposed to only think about boys, since that's what homosexuals are supposed to do (umm yeah). But this girl was just so intriguing, I dunno what it was about her. I could picture myself spending lots of time with her, not necessarily in a relationship type thing, but just...I dunno.

I tend to just put things like this aside just 'cause she's a girl. I'll usually say something like "man I wish she had a penis and a goatee" (not to her face, of course).

But then I wonder if I am being "close-minded" or whatever just 'cause whenever I meet a cool girl, I'm not allowing myself to be romantically involved with one. We should be able to just love whoever, right? Hmm.

I am clearly attracted to guys, at least in a physical sense. No doubt about that. But maybe I am not giving girls enough of a chance...

Geez I sound really fucking pretentious, like "man I am sooo sexy!! everybody wants me!!" but I dunno. For once, I thought I was actually more than halfway sure about something in my life (i.e. my sexuality), but once in a while some random thing will seem to prove myself wrong.

But is there really a point in trying to figure myself out? And will I ever even come close to understanding why I like or dislike certain things?

Ergh. Why am I thinking about this again? I am confusing myself.

I need some 7UP.

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Some 17-year old boy plotted to assassinate 'N Sync (yeah...good luck getting past the multitudes of security guards, you fucking idiot) 'cause "the group gets all the good girls."

Now isn't that a good reason to take the lives of other human beings?! Blah.

Besides, who would wanna hurt someone this dreamy:


haha I suck.

October 24, 2000

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Wanna see some amazing photography? Check out Danielle's Photos. I am totally inspired.

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Geez, why didn't anybody tell me Grade's singer was so sexy?? Holy shit. Wow.

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I know that new Nader 2000 button to the left is really out-of-place lookin over there, but it's staying up there until the US presidential elections are over, so just bear with the aesthetic atrocities till then.

And don't forget to Vote Nader. I command you.

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Click on the pink ribbon at Yahoo! Health today and Yahoo will donate $1 to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Sounds good to me.

While you're at it, click on the thing at the Hunger Site. I'm not really sure if these web-sites are real or legit, but hey, it's better than nothing.

October 23, 2000

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Tonight I got the first 321KAOS contest entry, a photo of this guy with a girl and a cop at their prom. haha, that's so awesome.

Well I just found out that Death Cab for Cutie won't be playing in Austin on Sunday, due to one of their members getting sick. Ah, that sucks. I hope he gets better soon though. At least Pedro the Lion will play, though...aww man that should be so good.

I think I have a thing for dark haired, blue eyed boys. I was putting up posters and stuff at this record shop tonight and the guy working the register on the left was so fucking cute. His eyes were so beautiful...I was doing stock checks on stuff for Holiday Matinee and when I looked up at him while asking if there were any more Jealous Sound EP's in stock, I almost forgot what I was talking about.

Gosh I am so boy crazy. Somebody smack me.

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Captain Capitalism vs. Comrade Communism. Hell yeah.

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I must be really "emo" these days or something 'cause I've been warming up to these "indie rock" records that I usually consider "too depressing." (I know I suck)

I'm on the Holiday Matinee street team and they sent me all these new promos. Beautiful, soft, poppy, mellow music that sits well between my random urges to listen to Drowningman or Black Anger.

Death Cab for Cutie are fucking awesome. Everyone needs to get their "Forbidden Love" EP and "We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes" LP. Go right now. They are coming here on Sunday and I will be a happy boy if I can go.

If I start listening to Morissey and the Smiths, somebody please take me hostage and give me some fucking laughing gas or something. I'm trying my hardest not to be known as "the guy who's always depressed," and for some reason I consider listening to anything Morissey-related an indication of depression.

I know that's the dumbest fucking thing in the world, and it doesn't make sense at all, but...my mind works in fucked up ways sometimes. I try so hard to understand other people and I can't even understand myself.

Umm where the hell am I going with this?

Don't hate me, I'm still in love with you.

October 22, 2000

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Happy. Sad. Happy. Sad. Happy. Sad.

Chopin's Waltz in B minor, op. 69 no. 2

Ahh. Thank you.

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I am auctioning off some of my old t-shirts at eBay. They're all in good condition and I am sad to see them go, but I have way too many fucking t-shirts.

Check em out:

> No Use for a Name large t-shirt
> H20 extra large t-shirt
> Limp medium t-shirt
> ASH medium t-shirt

The titles and descriptions are really corny, but that seems to be the most effective way to sell material objects these days, so...yeah.

And I have a really awesome old, rare Weezer shirt I'm going to auction soon, but I still can't figure out how to hook up my damn scanner so that's gonna haveta wait. Bah humbug.

October 21, 2000

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This is kinda fishy...a lot of the stuff I read on this site is almost exactly what some of the speakers said at the confederate flag rally (see post below). Like, literally almost word for word. Hmm.

What is this "truth" they talk about so much anyway?

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Well I woke up early today to go to learn how to interact with dogs and cats at the Humane Society, but I couldn't get there 'cause the buses were once again messed up downtown. I quickly found out that the reason for this was there was a group of confederate flag advocates rallying together and marching through downtown.

I dunno what to call em...it was basically a big group of stereotypically southern-looking people with cowboy hats and a shitload of confederate flags who were making a lot of noise to try and get the confederate flag back flying high above the Texas capitol. Nice huh?

So since I couldn't make it to the Humane Society, I stopped by their rally in front of the capitol building to see what they were all about. To me, the speakers all said the same exact "the South with rise again" bullshit.

One flag said "Heritage Not Hate" (dammit why didn't I bring my fucking camera?!) and they tried to preach how slavery wasn't the cause of the Civil War and all this shit, that they were more about "fighting for the Constitution." Very patriotic and "we love our war heroes" folks. So in other words, I thought it was pretty fucking ridiculous.

Anyone who reads this site probably knows how I feel about war. Basically, I think violence of any type is utterly pointless. I truly believe that words are more influential and powerful than guns. And I refuse to believe that any soldier who goes into a foreign land to specifically to murder other human beings is a "hero." It's nationalistic brainwashing from day one and it is so fucking pointless.

What is so "heroic" about organized, institutionalized murder? Can world peace be achieved through world violence?

So the rally went on. One speech after another about how "we must have pride in what our soldiers are doing for this great country" and stuff. I felt pretty out of place and it got repetitive after a while so I just left. Interesting morning.

But about the confederate flag...I strongly believe in freedom of expression, but I think putting up a flag in your house and putting a flag on the capitol building are two VERY different things. Confederate flags aside, if some guy covers his house with hardcore porn 'cause he believes hardcore porn will save the world, then so be it. But that doesn't mean everyone out there in a given area has faith in the power of Ron Jeremy.

So why should the capitol building, which is *supposed* to represent the people as a whole (haha...ha...), display hardcore porn all around, too? Some people may interpret sexual intercourse as being a symbol of hatred. Some people might believe fellatio is "a crime worse than murder" (see the thing I wrote about homosexuality in Malaysia umm..somewhere in the archives).

Everybody is different. People interpret symbols in so many different ways, especially those from the past. I happen to consider the confederate flag a symbol of slavery, war, racial/sexual prejudice, capitalism, and white pride. But that's just my opinion.

So before confederate flag advocates try to get their symbol of "heritage not hate" to represent everyone in the state, I think they should keep in mind that not everybody thinks of the confederate flag as a "peaceful" symbol of "the way things were."

Fuck the confederate flag. Fuck war. And fuck nationalism.

And that's my post-teen angst, cheesy, "thinks he knows what he's talking about," punk f'n rawk rant of the day. Thank you very much.

PS: vote Nader

October 20, 2000

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Ginger and Richrd's Pezz interview was published in the new issue of MRR! Fucking awesome.

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Of the millions of things I could've said to him, I couldn't even think of one. I can never think of one. Dammit.

He has been sitting right in front of me the past couple of classes and I am always tense. I dunno why...I am so insanely attracted to him (just based on his physical appearance...aiee), it's nuts.

So maybe that's why I'm tense so much during class. I guess you could say "my hormones are raging" but I don't even know if it's that. I'm not really thinking "nasty" thoughts, but more just "I want to be with you" thoughts. Or something like that.

I always get the impression that he is tense in class, too, or he's like holding himself back from something. Or some kinda frustration about something. It's the body language, how he keeps to himself, his eyes (which are so blue and beautiful), or, hmm I can't explain it...just some weird gut feeling I have, I guess.

It's like I want to talk to him, but not only can I not think of anything to say, but it might be awkward if I just suddenly said something to him out of the blue.

"Hey, are you OK?" nah.

But maybe that "weird" moment would be a good thing...argh, I dunno.

Geez I sound like a fucking stalker or something!! Blah. Stop thinking about this.

11:57 AM // react

Today the weather here looks like this:

austin texas

"thousands of us dead today, thousands went unfed today, and all we talk about's the fucking weather..." -D4

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I made a new noise composition last night, but I don't have enough web space on at aquabotic.com, so I put it in my MyPlay mp3 locker.

Login as "kaosboy@aquabotic.com" with password "aquabotic" and then download the track "air" by me. My ex-roommate and super pimp extraordinaire said it sounds like some Sonic Youth song. Aww yeah.

You can hear me butcher "Air for G String" by J. S. Bach on piano. I am not a piano player, so I know I suck. Tell me how much I suck here.

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I feel like such a dork checking my stats and seeing how people get to my web-sites, but someone is randomly searching for "Ben Aqua" in some search engine...and it's not me. hehe. It's kinda flattering, and kinda scary.

But I tried searching for myself at Google just for "fun" and one of the results was this page, an essay I wrote my junior year of high school about David Ruffin (one of the original members of the Temptations).

It's kinda embarrassing, and there's even an old ass photo of me on there with my top hat frame glasses and semi-smile. I'm about 15 or so. I actually look kinda "normal" in it; I'm usually like sticking my tongue out or making some weird face in every photo (including old elementary school portraits and stuff...I swear, I'm so anti-photogenic).

Aww hell, I'll just put it here:

14 year old ben aqua

So now whoever is searching for "Ben Aqua" on the internet has a face to put with the myth. When they wanna stalk me. Or something.

October 19, 2000

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I really like this site. It's very well-written and has lots of good links and stuff. This girl knows her stuff!

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Some people have way too much free time on their hands. Actually, this is kinda funny...

5:21 PM // react

I just found some photos from last weekend's protests here in Austin. Check em out. The rest of the MonkeyFist site has lots of good shit there too, take a look a around.

yeah baby

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My roommate sounds like one of those psycho killer clowns you see in bad (but good) horror movies when he laughs.

I realize I am going on and on about politics and stuff these days, but I guess I've been having this recent surge of the need to be more politically active and involved with my community or whatever. Don't worry, I am still boy watching and giggling like a schoolgirl(boy) when I see a cute one.

Why am I assuming that you're worrying?

(this post was weird. ignore me)

12:46 AM // react

This is completely random, but I somehow found the COPS TV show's web-site, and it is pretty fucking disgusting. You can gasp at the "dumb criminals" or maybe see some raunchy, "TOO HOT!" pictures, and even buy your very own COPS "club" ("featuring the COPS logo") for your car. How charming.

In happier news, I am listening to the new Fifteen album right now and it makes me so very happy to hear Jeff Ott sing new songs. Sigh.

12:38 AM // react

The Nader rally was pretty incredible. It was held in this auditorium thing that looked like an high school basketball stadium. I kinda felt like I was back at a high school football pep rally or something, with everybody sitting on the bleachers, cheering like crazy at every statement.

But anyway, Nader's speech was very, very impressive, and I swear, every single thing he said made so much sense. The man is simply incredible. He knows all his facts and...god I dunno. He has a really good head on his shoulders, to say the least.

I'm telling you, this guy would do such a good job as president. I still have a certain paranoia when it comes to politicians, but if Nader was leading us (as opposed to controlling us), I think I would definitely feel a lot more secure about the way things are run here.

I guess what I'm trying to say is even though I believe there should not be any form of governing "law" on human beings (period), Nader as president would at least bring this country (and the reast of the world as an result) that much closer to the true (or at least, intended)meaning of "democracy."

Or something.

October 18, 2000

5:19 PM // react

I have like two seconds to type this before I leave to see Ralph Nader speak downtown (woo hoo!). I got the new Fifteen album today, as well as the new Small Brown Bike album (which is actually some of their older stuff) on No Idea. I'm listening to SBB right now (saving Fifteen for later so I can focus entirely on it), they are really fucking amazing! Tons of raw energy, really good drum beats and shit. Get some Small Brown Bike!

And tonight is the also the 7 Seconds/Against All Authority show at Emo's. Today is a good day.

There is a really cute guy working at Subway now. He likes death metal. (random thought)

Off to see Nader...

10:34 AM // react

This article makes the presidential debates seem like this emotional sporting event between the "top" two American candidates, heavily dramatized with lines like this:

"Bush, hoping to show Gore and the seated audience that he was unfazed by the vice president's movements across the stage, smiled, appeared to relax his frame as he balanced himself against his chair, and met many of Gore's attacks with the occasional snort, chuckle and his trademark smirk."

WHAT? Is this debate about fucking body language??

Even though I'm all about some Nader action, I'd say that Gore gets bonus points for at least pointing out some of Bush's fucked-up-ness as governor of Texas. But I still don't trust either Bore or Gush (oops, typo!) with America (and pretty much, the world) in their fiery capitalist grip (especially Bush). Shudder.

October 17, 2000

6:15 PM // react

This article was written by an ex-Denver Broncos football player , Reggie Rivers. Good stuff.

"But what could possibly be reasonable or fair about telling people that they're required to hide a part of their lives, but their co-workers are not burdened by the same requirement...a heterosexual man could have a picture of his girlfriend or wife on his desk without fear of being fired, but a gay man who put up a picture of his significant other might legally be fired."

EXACTLY! Aww man. This guys kicks ass.

I was having an argument about the "don't ask, don't tell policy," with a friend last night, and I wish I could've just said it like that.

It makes me happy that there are articles like this is big (mainstream) newspapers. Bring it on!

(link from Web Queeries)

5:10 PM // react

Oh yeah, the new Fifteen album Survivor was released today (Hopeless/Sub City). Just placed my order and my heart is beating faster thinking about new Fifteen songs. Aww yeah!

The album is a partial benefit for Prison Radio, who helps gives men and women in prison a chance to speak out against the fucked-up-ness of the American prison system. The album also includes unreleased audio of Mumia Abu-Jamal from Prison Radio (while on Death Row in Pennsylvania), that's really rad.

I just went to the Hopeless Records site and they have a new Fifteen song in MP3 in the sounds section. I feel like such a dork but it's fucking Fifteen!!

4:44 PM // react

Revelation Records has really fast mailorder. My online order from last Thursday just came in today, not bad huh?

October 16, 2000

11:02 PM // react

I got this Itzhak Perlman tape from Goodwill the other day ("Itzhak Perlman plays Fritz Kreisler"), which has played a huge role in keeping me generally relaxed and sane (well, kinda) with all the protesting and general madness going on the past few days around here.

Today, on the way to my History lecture, I (pretty much) decided that I want Itzhak Perlman played at my funeral. Not necessarily his physical presence playing violin next to my deathbed (though that would be amazing...man, this is a really really morbid thought), but maybe a recording of him playing some Paganini Caprice or something. I seriously can't think of a more expressive musician than him.

10:06 PM // react

Here is an article about last Sunday's anti-death penalty protests/rallies here in Austin. That Sullivan guy's quote is so ridiculously incorrect, it makes me wanna kick myself in the face.

"Each case that Governor Bush has overseen has had full access to the courts and there wasn't a question of their guilt..."

Is he KIDDING?? I would seriously like to see how this fucker (a spokesman for Bush's presidential campaign...wait, shouldn't it be BUSH who is making these statements?? Oh wait, I forgot, his head is too far up his ass to make shitty decisions for himself. Silly me!) defines "full access." Hmm, I wonder if that includes the several accounts of the Texas judicial system being SO anxious to kill off its own citizens, that it has denied looking at hundreds of fingerprints and DNA samples found at the crime scene? And golly gee, maybe this "full access" also includes the cases of several metally retarded men on death row, whose doctors filed several reports of their natural mental retardation that were IGNORED by our wonderful courts in trial?

"Full access," huh? Gimme a fucking break.

"He believes that the death penalty, if implemented in a fair manner, can be a deterrent."

(grrr...calm down, Ben)

What the fuck is "fair manner"?? How the death penalty (and the entire judicial system as a whole) is blatantly racist (3/4 of all Texas death row inmates are minorities...coincidence? I think not)? Not to mention, anti-poor (c'mon, when are you gonna see a rich guy on death row?)??

Well I guess if that is this guy's definition of "fair," then it is true that the death penalty really IS a "deterrent." But what exactly is it preventing? Is this guy saying the death penalty is good 'cause it prevents racial minorities and the "lower class" (who commit all the crimes, right? WRONG) from existing in the state of Texas? I sure hope not. That's quite a scary thought.

And that's my rant of the day. Phew.

There's a photo of us surrounding Bush's mansion here. No one was really sure if he was actually in his beautiful, large (disgusting) house at the time, but I guess it's the thought (protest) that counts, huh?

*ahem* VOTE NADER *ahem*

9:06 PM // react

I went to the volunteer orientation meeting for the Austin Humane Society today and I didn't realize they have such an extensive process just for volunteering, but it made sense for the stuff we're gonna be doing.

When I first considered volunteering for them, I pictured myself like walking in with a big shiteating smile on my face, like "WHERE ARE THE CUTE LITTLE PUPPIES?!" and all these little puppies would run up to me, wagging their tails, slobbering on my shoes, waiting to be fed...

haha yeah right, genius boy.

One of the training sessions involves us learning to "speak dog," or "how to communicate with dogs correctly." The lady speaking said "dogs are constantly speaking to us, but we just never listen." For some strange reason, that made me feel really guilty...hmm. This should be interesting.

8:45 PM // react

There is a new benefit album for "the West Memphis Three," three guys found guilty for a harsh murder of three boys they most likely did NOT commit (back in 1993). I'm not into many of the bands on the compilation, but I think it's a good cause. More info on the WM3 case at this site.

Don't you just love the fucked up American judicial system?

October 15, 2000

8:20 PM // react

Ralph Nader Sells Out Madison Square Garden. But in this case, I think "selling out" is a very good thing. Go Nader!

8:08 PM // react

Man today was intense. Lots of people showed up for the Anti-Death Penalty protest downtown, probably the biggest protest I've been to. My throat is really fucking sore (but it was SO worth it).

I'd like to write a lot about it right now but I'm so fucking tired, and I think it would be better if I did a mini story on the whole thing when I get my photos developed. There will be flag burning action, macho po po's all over the place (though it was a peaceful day), and more. That'll be here soon, kiddies.

In the meantime, I added a lot of new stuff to my other web-site, 321KAOS, including a new art contributor and a new contest that should be pretty fun. Free stuff for everybody that enters (even if your entry sucks). You know you want it.

October 14, 2000

6:13 PM // react

I recommend Steve's blog 'cause he's the only one who seems to be politically active on the blog "scene." Then again, I read like 2 blogs on a regular basis, so whatever...check his site out now!!

If you know of any blogs that are somewhat related to political/social action, email me that shite.

1:00 AM // react

Check out these two video clips, both from yesterday's protests:

protestors march - I actually recognized a couple people right at the beginning of this one, they're part of Austin's ISO chapter

behind the barricades - peaceful protestors behind barricades, and (of course) guarded heavily by po po's. The cops look like fucking brainwashed robots...oh wait! They ARE fucking brainwashed robots!!

i am a robot, programmed to control the masses and maintain this capitalist 'democracy'

Bzzt. Nork. Pop. Spizz.

12:49 AM // react

Correction to the last post: the protest at noon today is at the governor's mansion (across the street from the capitol building).

George W. Bush, kiss my fucking ass.

12:24 AM // react

Man, today (yesterday) was fucking weird here in Austin. On the way to work to pick up my paycheck, I sat at the bus stop for 45 minutes before realizing that the Fortune 500 forum was in town. ("Participation in the FORTUNE 500 Forum is by invitation only and features the foremost chief executives, strategists, and thinkers from America’s top corporations," according to this web-site...grrrrr)

Basically a bunch of rich capitalist bastards gathering together to...well, be rich together.

"Hey everyone, let's celebrate how filthy rich we are! Who cares about workers' rights, or even basic human rights, or the social/political/economic imbalance throughout the world-- a direct result of our desire for pointless profit?! Where's my fucking red carpet?!?!?" Well, that's how I see it anyway...

So as a result of this "elite" gathering, the bus system was fucked up, and it wouldn't go anywhere near the downtown/capitol building area. I ended up walking across town at least 3 times. Which wasn't that bad, but why should the city adjust its entire "routine" just to make way for a small group of rich folk? That's fucking ridiculous, and just utterly wrong.

Also, a few days back, a couple of Austin's community-run independent radio stations were shut down by the FCC, most likely as a means to control the air waves and prevent an independent media voice from covering the Fortune 500 protests (and other politically-related events). Neither of these stations received prior notice to their being shut down, nor did they receive warrants for the police to destroy their property, nor did they receive a fucking explanation as to why they were being shut down. Hmm...something seems wrong here.

Several streets downtown were closed off today. Cops EVERYwhere (and I mean everywhere). Lots of "undercover" county patrol cops, too. There was a group of protestors near the capitol and on the UT campus, closely monitored and controlled by the police (who seemed a *little* too anxious to attack the peaceful protestors). There were even helicopters circling above the downtown area.

I also heard that many buildings were closed and/or blocked off 'cause the city felt it could potentially disrupt with the Fortune 500 (asshole) convention. All this just so a bunch of rich CEO's can get together to laugh at how much power they have over the world. Great.

Tonight I also went to this Anti-Death Penalty community forum where family members of death row inmates and victims gave amazing speeches. Then a guy who's on death row right now (waiting to be killed by the state for a murder he did not commit) called in live and spoke to us over the speaker. It was absolutely incredible, moving, and....gosh. I can't even put it into words.

While he was on the phone with us, we chanted an anti-death penalty slogan to him, then he chanted back at us (with the other death row inmates): "When they say death row, we say HELL NO." Truly amazing. I know it sounds totally corny, but I was literally in tears by the end of the phone call.


There's a lot of protesting and political/social action this weekend in Austin, it is going to be a hectic, but hopefully powerful weekend of peaceful activism. Tomorrow (well, today...err, Saturday) at noon there is more protest at the capitol building, then Sunday is an AIDS awareness march and a huge Anti-Death Penalty march/protest/rally. Amazing! I'm definitely gonna be out there!! 'Cause after all, sitting around and complaining can only get someone so far. "All talk, no action."

If you're around the area (the more the better! it will be amazing), check out these web-sites for more info:

"O13" Austin - Fortune 500 protest schedule/info, misc. event listings
EPE13 - Encuentro for Popular Education
Austin Indy Media - up-to-date Austin-related activism/event info & news
Free Radio Austin - one of the community radio stations shut down last week

Peace out.

October 12, 2000

10:21 PM // react

Flippers of Fury. Cute flash animation with political humor thrown in. Jessie Ventura looks like Mr. Clean with a mustache. "Give em hell, Sparky!"

9:41 PM // react

Holy Titclamps. Tons of nice queer-related links, current tour information, the queerpunk email list (aww yeah), and more. Larry-bob should run for president.

I am on a total Public Enemy kick. I'm listening to the song "He Got Game" and I swear it makes me teary-eyed every fucking time I hear it. Download the mp3 (kaosboy@aquabotic.com : aquabotic).

8:03 PM // react

Woo hoo! I got an email from my "local Navy recruiting officer." Man, just what I've been waiting for! (not really)

Here's a brilliant excerpt from the email:

If you're looking forward to entering corporate America and its Dilbert lifestyle, then becoming a Naval Officer is not for you; however, if you'd like to explore an exciting alternative that will greatly enhance your resume while giving you unmatched leadership/management experience and the kind of adventure previously reserved for Jedi Knights, then you may want to make contact with me and investigate the options..."

...and then he listed all the options for positions I can have in the Navy, and how "marketable" each of these positions is in steering me away form "the Dilbert lifestyle." And godfuckingdammit, I want an "adventure previously reserved for Jedi Knights!" Umm, yeah.

The sad thing is, I'm sure some people look at this and are like "wow, this sounds like a great oppurtunity! And the last thing I want to do is be the next office cubicle slave!" So instead, you can learn how to be death soldier no. 894739843847343, slave to the USA's pointless pursuit of globalization and capitalistic domination. Man, what a great oppurtunity!

If you haven't seen this month's design at aquabotic.com, it pretty much points at my feelings about war and utterly pointless violence.

I can't stand reading CNN.com the past couple of weeks 'cause every fucking headline is "Arafat" this and "Israeli attacks" that. I watched really disturbing footage of a father shielding his kid from a shower bullets on the street, and both were shot and killed. The kid died in his father's arms, laying in a pool of his own blood.

So I ask, how exactly is all of this benefiting the human race as a whole?

And then once in a while the headline will be "President Clinton is working on promoting peace..." yeah blah blah blah. But it seems so surreal...almost as if the USA is setting this shit up just so they can go in and look like "oh, we're so peaceful" and "we're just here to make everybody happy." To me, it's fucking bullshit and I don't buy it. Any of it.

Man I sound pissed! And it sounds like I'm getting some serious anarchy punk rocker points by saying all of this. But I am more concerned than angry. I just want to rip out all of my hair when I read anything to do with war, violence, hatred...well, you get the picture. It's so pointless, and I just don't understand it. What good comes out of this? sigh.

And this is not really related, but if anybody is going to be near Austin Texas USA this Sunday, there is a big protest pushing for a moritorium on the death penalty. 3 pm downtown. If you need more info, email my broke ass. Bye for now.

12:02 PM // react

Argh. Headache! Go away!

Phew. Well, yesterday was quite interesting. I left math class early ('cause it sucks my breasts) and was walking in some random direction, when I bumped into one of my good friends and she was like, "hey wanna go see Yo-Yo Ma?" I thought she was joking, but supposedly he was playing an unannounced concert/sound check at this small theater on campus. So we saw Yo-Yo Ma in person! Fucking Yo-Yo Ma.

I know I'm a sarcastic asshole pretty often on this web-site, but I'm not joking about this...Yo-Yo Ma is one fucking amazing cello player, and I've admired him pretty much since I heard him play Bach cello suites on LP's when I was like 7 or 8. And to hear him play a couple pieces right there for us...man. Simply incredible.

I just sat there and smiled my ass off, completely mesmerized by his beautiful tone quality. God, it was so amazing how he could just sit down and suddenly break into "Prelude." Flawless.

Plus he answered some of the audience's questions...I know it sounds corny, but he's a pretty "down to earth" kinda guy. I worshipped like everything he said. No joke.

The whole thing just seemed so...surreal, almost. I seriously felt like I was dreaming.

I just added Yo-Yo Ma's version of Bach's "Air for the G String" with Harry Bellafonte to the MyPlay mp3 locker (kaosboy@aquabotic.com : aquabotic). To me, it is simply the most beautiful, relaxing piece of music ever written (done by two drool-worthy musicians).

October 11, 2000

10:01 AM // react

I wish I gave a fuck about school. Seriously.

2:33 AM // react

I have all these new photos of me but I still can't figure out how to hook my fucking scanner up! Argh I wish I knew more about computers (I also wish I didn't).

But I found another photo of me on my buddy Neil's site, so if you wanna see what aliens look like, click here. I'm the creature pointing at the camera. I am making some kinda...face.

E.T. phone home.

October 10, 2000

8:43 PM // react

Woogoo likes me (and I like Woogoo).

I command you to check out my pal Beaker's band Explosivo 'cause they totally rock my ass. Jawbreaker/Hot Water Music-ish rock n roll baby.

I also just added a link to Tovi's site to the others page 'cause she is a cutie (and she linked me! woo hoo).

And now I'm gonna go get my photos from last night. Aww yeah! For some reason, the anticipation of seeing how my new photos came out is one of the most exciting feelings. Am I an "art fag" or what? Urgh.

11:59 AM // react

At the Drive-In were so fucking amazing! Holy shit holy shit. I haven't seen a band with that much live energy since like Dillinger Four in Chicago....whoa man. I can't wait to see how my photos came out! heh I'm such a dork.

Murder City Devils were really energetic too (Austin fucking loves them), though I'm not too big on their music. But man, if this tour is stopping near you, you MUST go. Well worth my eight bucks.

October 9, 2000

8:24 PM // react

I really dig this guy's art. Really nice, interesting style. Really fucking strange art.

And this kinda random, but I just thought about it and I haven't watched TV in like a month and a half. I don't really miss it at all. Whenever I'm watching TV, like every five minutes, I'll think to myself, "y'know, you fucking dumbass, you could be doing something productive right now." And I respond with "shut the fuck up," but I know my conscience is right.

Well, last night I watched Jim Carrey on some MTV show for like 10 seconds (hilarious as usual). And there was also that one time some MTV awards show was on and N Sync were accepting an award (I seriously can't stop my unstoppable attraction to Joey Fatone...man I'm weird), and some girl sitting in the lounge watching it was like, "god, their outfits are so gay!"

So after a 30-second verbal tornado of flaming heterosexuality and blatant homophobia, I got up and left. Probably went up to my room and listened to Kid Dynamite to help keep the frustration internalized. hmm...

7:35 PM // react

I had no clue that today was Columbus Day until one of the RA's at my dorm said we didn't get any mail today 'cause of it. Bloody Americans.

And I could not agree more that Julia Roberts is an alien, Steve! haha, that totally cracked me up, and now I know I'm not the only one who thinks she's pretty weird lookin'.

At the Drive-In tonight! YES!

11:32 AM // react

Oh man. Song of the day is definitely Erasure's A Little Respect. It is making me so happy today! Download the mp3 right now. (kaosboy@aquabotic.com : aquabotic)

October 8, 2000

9:10 PM // react

Stainboy is this neat, weird little shockwave cartoon by the one and the only Tim Burton. The music is by Danny Elfman too! So you know it's gotta be good. Ah I'm a dork.

6:27 PM // react

Hey, the Midtown site posted one of my photos! Rawk. Check out this page. My photo is the color one on the top left (where's he's kicking towards the camera). Yeah man I'm so fucking cool! No I'm not.

Wait, wasn't I hungry?

6:13 PM // react

OK now it's time for me to get all *emo* on your ass.

That's right. Poem time, kiddies. Here's a song I wrote a few weeks ago. Bask at my anti-poetic-ness (what the hell is the word for that? ah fuck it) and my amazing ability to rhyme "gaps" with "traps." Now that's some complex shit! Blah.

It's called "Anti-Productive Chemistry" and it was inspired by these fucking annoying girls who were snickering at two guys that were flirting with each other ("oh my god! they're so gross I could just laugh!!") in astronomy class one day. That shit always gets me thinking...

Anyway, here we go, here we go, here we go:

I can see it in your eyes
You're not the only one disguised;
A hidden mask that you can't face
Forced "deviance" & "disgrace."

At times it seems impossible
When desires stay invisible
"You're mixing the wrong chemicals!"
The others seem invincible.

They made him think his life was wrong
For years and years-- the same old song:
"Go with the flow"
"Swim with the tide"
Welcome to a tortured mind.

But ward away those mental gaps
'Cause life's too short to live in traps.

The gates refuse to close on him,
Surveilance is detached;
The beauty within breaks free
Mental barricades are smashed.

A newfound outlook on life.

So there ya go. My writing sucks but whatever. I'm gonna start a spazz pop band and take over the fucking world!

Man I need some food.

October 7, 2000

9:48 PM // react

I order you to visit John's newly redesigned web-site. Go now. I like his poetry, especially "Fuck Zen." Dunno why...maybe it has something to do with my obsession with the word "fuck." Fuck you.

9:36 PM // react

I feel like I am the only blog not raving about how amazing the new Radiohead album is. It really is a great album, but lately it's weird 'cause I've been mostly in the mood for faster, louder, more straightforward music (to a certain extent...check my current playlist on the etc section). I dunno if this is a symbol of my emotional moods these days or something, but umm...yeah.

Today I met a nice girl from town (whom I met recently over the internet) who was a total sweetheart! And I don't care how "homosexual" it sounds when I call someone a "sweetheart." 'Cause someone once told me, "dude, guys don't call people 'sweetheart,' that's gay." Fuck that. She is a really sweet girl.

It's kinda strange meeting someone I've only had "contact" with online...half the time we were just standing there, laughing at ourselves whenever we'd mention email or this website or AIM. 'Cause we're dorks and we know it. But that's cool.

She knows people who work with the boy with the icy blue eyes in the bagel shop. So now I may actually have a reason to go in there (god their bagels are fucking shitty). I am that much closer to him! haha. Yeah right.

October 6, 2000

6:52 PM // react

This site is really neat. Interesting concept, no? Updates a lot too.

I have also just acquired a newfound appreciation of anime music. I found some really hilarious songs that are very 80's glam rock styled, complete with corny ass lyrics and cocky guitar solos. In other words, it kicks some ass.

12:17 PM // react

The RollingStone.com Weezer interview is so fucking hilarious! I like the part where Mikey talks about smoking pot so much and then waking up with a nasty mustache and Hawaiian shirts. haha! Funny shit.

Ooh, it's cool outside today for a change. Awesome.

October 5, 2000

11:01 PM // react

Just added five new songs to the MyPlay MP3 locker (kaosboy@aquabotic.com : aquabotic), including the best fucking Dillinger Four song ever (from their split EP with Pinhead Gunpowder on Adeline). I swear, I get the chills every time I hear this song.

10:22 PM // react

Take that, boy scouts.

My dad is part of some boy scout administrators council (or something like that) and as part of the deal, he gets a complimentary subscription to Scouting magazine, which, I swear, has some of the most homoerotic pictures of boys in it.

is it just me...?

I'm not just saying that 'cause I'm umm...biased (or am I?). And these pictures don't get me off or anything. I mean, I like kids, but not like...that. Gross, that's just not for me. And yes, there are queer men who don't lust after little boys. In other words, I prefer the scout master to the scout. heh.

I just find it so ironic that the boy scouts, who seem commonly known to be an abnormally homophobic "private" organization, have an abnormally homoerotic magazine.

Actually, now that I think about it, that makes sense. Hmm.

9:39 PM // react

Ack. I feel like a stalker or something.

I was walking past the bagel shop tonight (with a weed-induced friend) and I looked in, noticing a really attractive blond (bleached) guy sweeping the floor. He was wearing one of those metal ball necklaces...I thought, wait a minute. I looked closer and it was the boy with the amazing icy blue eyes. Yep, the one I saw at the ISO meeting. Aww man.

I am obsessed. Well, kinda. Not really...for all I know he could be a fucking psycho. Or even worse-- he could be straight! ;)

He's so fucking beautiful...sigh.

So after smiling like an idiot for the next hour, we went into Tower Records, where I showed this guy that works there a couple photos I took of him. I said, "dude, you look exactly like Jay Leno! Look at that chin, come on" and he suddenly lost his forced smile. Apparently he thinks Jay Leno is "fucking annoying." Oops.

He said "you are officially no longer allowed to take photos of me" with a stern face. It was one of those faces where if my smart-ass self said one more thing, he probably would've kicked my ass or something. Obviously, he had a bad day. And me? Wrong place, wrong time. Ah well.

But I got over it quickly when the other guy at the counter gave me a free Green Day t-shirt 'cause I happened to be wearing my old school "1039" GD shirt today. Rawk.

I suddenly have the craving for bagels...

3:59 PM // react

This guy at work sent me a link to this video. I started watching it, thinking it was gonna be funny and...man. Well, find out for yourself. It scared the shit out of me.

2:29 AM // react

Check out ULTRASLICK, it has some really sweet graphic design and a nice blog. A winning combination for the whole family.

October 4, 2000

5:43 PM // react

I also wanna give some props to River City Rebels, a recent addition to the Victory line-up. They play old school-ish, sing-along, melodic hardcore/punk, kinda like Against All Authority meets the Dropkick Murphys.

But the cool thing about em is they're mostly teenagers and they sound fucking awesome! Victory sent me their new album and the songs are very straightforward, but no-bullshit youth anthems. I'm gonna be interviewing em for 321KAOS (one of my other web-projects) really soon.

I also just read on their web-site a quote from their guitarist, Gabe:

"...as far as homophobia, i think that's a huge problem in the punk scene. it is a fact at this point in time that racism is not welcome in our scene. but it saddens me that some of my closest friends don't take a stand on homosexuality and that overall, the music scene is divided on this issue. i consider homophobia a bigger problem than racism in the punk scene, since i deal with it more directly."

THANK YOU Gabe. I couldn't have said it any better.

5:14 PM // react

Site of the day number one: Hungry for design. Really peculiar and interesting use of Flash, I really like the strange typography and stuff. Go there now, fools.

Site of the day number two: Rancid. This is the band's official web-site, and though the site looks pretty nice, I'm pretty much linking this today 'cause yesterday I got the new album and it is fucking AWESOME!! Definitely different from their older stuff...more of a rougher, faster, louder edge. Lots of great lyrics and bass lines (not a surprise). Come drool with me.

October 3, 2000

9:16 PM // react

The thought of either of these two nasty motherfuckers being president of the USA makes me wanna smash things:

bush + gore = bore


It's bad enough that I live in the same town as George W. Bush. Geez, just look at the look on his face! His eyes just scream, "I don't give a shit about anything except my bank account! Oh, and I also like pop tarts...dum dee dum...where's my watch? Oh yeah, I'm wearing it!!"

So Vote Nader dammit.

8:03 PM // react

I just looked at the credits again and the guy who played Uncle Phil in the Fresh Prince is one of the voices in the cartoon! Fucking awesome.

7:59 PM // react

haha, I got this funny lookin cartoon video called Hulk Hogan's Rock 'N' Wrestling at the supermarket when I got my photos developed today. It looked hilarious, and since it's from 1985, I bet it has lots of people with afros and shit.

But then I looked at the credits at Hulk Hogan's not even in the movie! What's up with that?

October 2, 2000

6:03 PM // react

According to Malaysia's "morality police" (wait...morality WHAT?!?), "Homosexuality is a Crime Worse Than Murder." Uh...OK. The guy they interviewed for that article is so fucked up, it almost seems like a joke.

An excerpt:

TIME: Can it be wrong for two people to be in love?

Abdul Kadir: Love? How can men have sex with men? God did not make them this way. This is all Western influence -- and the gay people expect us to be open- minded?

Jesus christ, this guy makes Dr. Laura look sexy.

And I like how he completely ignores the whole "love" part, and just talks about sex. Yeah, as if all gay guys run around with raging erections, drooling over every man in sight, and going "Gimme any man! Any hole! I'll fuck it!!!" Give me a fucking break...

(excuse my language)

My favorite part is where he goes, "Gay people think being gay is a fashion." Like it's a fucking badge we wear or something.

Huh? Religious and social brainwashing? What's that?!

(this link was from Web Queeries)

5:53 PM // react

Happy birthday to May, my favorite 14 year old in Israel! Well, she's the only person I know in Israel...eh so what? She rocks anyway.

12:03 PM // react

Barbara kicks some ass! Her blog totally rocks my world.

I can't believe how fast my hair grows. I just bleached and dyed it like two weeks ago and when I buzzed it last night (my orange/red mini-fro was getting a little out of hand...now that I think about it, that's the longest my hair has been since I was in like 8th grade), my roots had already grown in! So I redyed my little "tuft" up front to a pinkish red color and now I look more punk f'n rock than ever.

See ya in da pit!

Or maybe not.

Speaking of punk f'n rock, Joan of Arc are coming here on Wednesday, then No Use for a Name on Sunday, then At the Drive-In plays the next day! Aww yeah. And then later on in the month is 7 Seconds/AAA, Botch, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Bad Religion, Pedro the Lion...geez are they tryin to make me broke?

October 1, 2000

3:00 PM // react

I've never heard of this band, but somehow I found their web-site and their trombonist is one sexy ass bitch.

Look at his wrist in that last one!! Is it just me, or is it limp?! haha...gosh I'm so pathetic.

2:39 PM // react

I'm listed on Jonno's astro(b)logy. So now that you know my birthday, start saving your money to buy me a panda bear! Blah.

1:31 PM // react

The october2000 installment of aquabotic.com is up! It's actually there on time for the new month. And this time there's actually a serious kinda message/moral involved in the design. Well, at least something other than, "hey, there are some cleverly hidden hot men in this graphic! Find them!!"

That's right. I'm getting all political on your ass.

It's a two part piece (haha that sounds so...professional) about war and how it destroys beauty. Here're a couple screenshots to get you horny:

aquabotic.com october2000 (part 1) aquabotic.com october2000 (part 2)

I was gonna do some kinda 50's horror movie poster parody (inspired by the Teen Idols' Midnight Picture Show, which is quite possibly one of the catchiest songs I've ever heard), but I might do that for December as a tribute to the horrors of Christmas. heh.

Stay tuned kiddies.

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