I like noises. I like to fool around with them. Especially electronically.

So here is a sampling of my latest creations, all encoded in mp3 format. All compositions found on this page are copyright KAOSBOY 2000 so please don't steal.

> Ocean Water Packaging (1.08 mb) *NEW*
> Air (3.98 mb)
> Confession (543 kb)
> Sensitivity Training (495 kb)

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updated 01.14.00

Dillinger Four - "Thanks for Nothing, Part 2: The Revenge" - MP3 (2.44 mb)
from split w/ Pinhead Gunpowder 7" (Adeline)

life's the image of a tightening screw. it keeps on turning till it breaks you.

i'm not the one to talk for hours about the wars that we're losing. can't pretend not to see all the flesh that we're bruising. stand to the back, simple as that, another boring day.

death don't mean a thing if we don't know who's dying. a little piece of mind for anyone who's buying. leave it alone, return to your homes, try to forget that...

daylight goes black and others bear the rain on their backs. your enemies are nothing like you and peace has a price for those who lose.

we've never learned our lesson cause we've never had to. swept under the rug just like a piece of bad news. time after time, pockets are lined, and we answer the call.

we hardly notice now...we're racing like a roller coaster, hanging like a puppet on a string, dancing to the same old tune. yeah we dance, we laugh, we kill, and we sing.

don't look up from what you're doing. let the world give you the slip. don't be late for church on sunday, because ignorance is bliss.


Refused - "The Deadly Rhythm" - MP3 (3.43 mb)
from The Shape of Punk to Come CD (Epitaph)

Poison the Well - "Nerdy" - MP3 (2.62 mb)
from The Opposite of December CD (Trustkill)

> Ash Free All Angels CD
> Candiria Process of Self Development CD
> Cobra Kai/Seven Days of Samsara split EP
> DEVO New Traditionalists LP
> Divine Styler Word Power 2: Directrix CD
> Elvis Costello Armed Forces LP
> From Ashes Rise s/t LP
> Gwenmars Driving a Million CD
> Metallica Master of Puppets LP
> Milemarker Frigid Forms Sell CD
> Michael Jackson Bad LP
> Propagandhi Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes CD
> Roots Manuva Brand New Second Hand CD
> Small Brown Bike Dead Reckoning CD
> Smoking Popes Destination Failure CD
> Starlight Mints The Dream that Stuff was Made of CD
> Teengenerate Get Action! CD
> Triumvirat Illusions on a Double Dimple LP
> Walls of Jericho The Bound Feed the Gagged CD
> Zion I Mind Over Matter CD

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