2/13/2009 03:00:00 PM
Excerpt from an amazing email from my friend Jefferson

everythings heating up in mystickal fictional spring
over hears as always in fairy tale febvary foreverness
getting ready for orgy ~ o ~ spending to make mega
severe blurrs in our outerstandings for system concepts
and see out our knew co~creation sphere's impreg~nation
when we all come together to make one beautiful child????
our owns elf?
rainbow power is much more effective than anyone can handle
like Sherman Williams
burn down all inhibitions
colour zast Earth!!!!!!!!!!
nature's glow reveals
let your love light shine
keeps it phantozy
you know if'nzuh cow'n bezuh poppin' onzuh duh cawb
andszuh gaytuzz be'zuh a bit'n onz thuh low culls,
it mussn't be weentuh ~ seasonal confusions polar shift
let's all meet up in hollow earth to take an anceint laspe
star gate worm hole transport to our sun's last days
when civilization has become quite great and we are all
happy ever after living in a knewly melted Keplar Belt
studing lore we aquire from fossils upon Neptune's moons
the blog of Ben Aqua