21 December 2007



by Mario Hugo

19 December 2007

Recent found images

Recent fav album covers

Amin-Peck - Running Straight/My Frames Venom - In the Name of Satan Den Harrow - Catch the Fox (front)
G.A.N.G. - Incantations v/a Disco D'Oro '85 Sally Oldfield - Celebration

Barry Gibb - I was the Child

Barry Gibb - Then You Left Me

18 December 2007

Renaissance - Black Flame

feat. Annie Haslam on vox

George Benson - Give Me the Night

Annie Haslam - Nature Boy.mp3


16 December 2007



by Michael Reisch

08 December 2007

Specimen of Practical Flourishing

Specimen of Practical Flourishing

via www.iampeth.com

07 December 2007

This is what war is really like:

06 December 2007

Vogue Patterns

Vogue Patterns

Ph. Steven Meisel
Fashion Editor: Edward Enninful


Thx KG

05 December 2007

Cry Me A River - Ugo Rondinone

Cry Me A River

by Ugo Rondinone

04 December 2007

Untitled 27, Bogotá

Untitled 27, Bogotá

by Alec Soth

03 December 2007

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02 December 2007