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321KAOS exists as our humble contribution to people who are sick of the web's slowly declining emphasis on (good) content and imaginative design.

No, we're not trying to say we're the most original, creative site out there, but we strive to show you fresh art, writing, music, and more from some of today's not-so-known, yet super-talented humans.

Oh, and we also wanna take over the world.

Our fine group of young, bright 321KAOS soldiers are what make all of this visual and mental stimulation a (pseudo) reality. Please join us as we commend them on their courageous efforts:

Ben Aqua: webmaster, art
Chuck: writing
Terri Rodriguez: art
Will Studdert: writing
Annie Wong: art
Cydne Zabel: writing

Think you've got what it takes to showcase your stuff along the battlefields of 321KAOS? Wannna join us in our crusade to take over the world? Well email us with a few samples of your postage stamp art, unsent love letters, or disco-flavored electronic music, and we'll see if you've got the machinery to join our army.

The more new faces we get, the easier it will be for us to take over the world. Enlist today!

In order to afford our robot ammunition, we always need sponsors to supply us with ample funding. In exchange for a small quantity of US currency each month, we will display your banner ad visualization on our web-site for other earthlings to explore.

If you are a record label, store, band, or other highly established organization, please email us for ad rates and info.

Send all questions, comments, social guidelines, and love letters to our electronic mailbox at aqua-man@bigfoot.com. Make it romantic (or not).

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