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I am kaosboy. I am a 19 year old boy. I was born on the planet Jupiter & I currently exist on the planet Earth somewhere in the United States of America.

I like music and art and nice people. Especially nice people. I carry my camera and sketchpad around everywhere I go to document my findings and observations. I am very curious.

My favorite artist is M.C. Escher. My favorite movie is Edward Scissorhands. My favorite musical group is Oingo Boingo. My favorite location in this galaxy is New York City. Pluto is kinda cool, too.

I like to write bad poetry and play guitar and volunteer in my community and go to the gym (to exercise, of course). I like to watch bands perform live. I like to watch people. I like cheesy horror movies, even though they sometimes give me nightmares. I like honesty; it is fascinating and beautiful. I like mix tapes and thrift shops. I don't eat meat 'cause it grosses me out. And besides, one holocaust was enough.

I am a boy who likes other boys. Yes, like that. Is there a label for scrawny half-Asian art-rock boys who are attracted to big, husky, goateed men? Hmm. Maybe I should make one up.

I am idealistic, yet naive. I am spontaneous, yet shy. I am relaxed, yet tense.

PS: my human name is Ben.

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