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cool, glad you're interested in becoming a sponsor for my domain. this page contains ad rates and info on how you/your group can get an image ad on my web-sites.

first off, i would prefer the sponsors to be independently-run organizations, such as bands, record labels, zines, and the like. it's not really that i want to single anyone out; it's just that i feel it is more important for independently-run groups to have strong support from each other, as opposed to larger, corporate-aided organizations. with that in mind, here's how the sponsoring works:

1) choose an image size for your ad.

there are two different sizes you can choose:

200 X 100 pixels
small ad - 200 X 100 pixels
400 X 60 pixels
large ad - 400 X 60 pixels

2) match the ad size you want with its price.

>> small ad - $10/month
>> large ad - $15/month

3) make the actual ad image.

the easiest way to do this is to copy either of the images above onto your computer, then manipulate the image in a paint/photo-editing program (photoshop, paint shop pro, etc.).

to copy one of the images onto your computer, move your mouse over the image you want to use and right click. then click on "save picture as...", name the image file (it will be in the form of "file.gif," where "file" is the name you give to the file), and save it on your computer.

if you can't design the image, i can design it for you for an extra $1. just tell me what kind of info/picture you want on it and i'll see what i can do.

*important* - your ad can be an animated GIF, just please try to keep the file size somewhere below 30 KB. please make your image either a .JPG or .GIF file.

4) send ad and payment.

you can email your ad to and i will put your ad up on my sites when i get the payment. payment can be in the form of personal checks (made out to "Ben Aqua") or well-concealed cash (cash preferred). US dollars only, please. you can mail the money to:

Ben Aqua
OCMR 0087
Oberlin College
Oberlin, OH

other info.

your ad will appear on the opening web-page for each of my sites (for example, one on PooPunk! web*zine, plus one on Empty Starship, etc.). this way people will see your ad every time they enter any of my sites.

i prefer this method of sponsorship a LOT more than the usual "pay-per-click" ad method big web-companies like to use on their sites; it helps promote and support the sponsor's independent organization, while helping me pay for pesky domain maintenance and hosting fees. very cool for both sides.

of course, you can change your ad at any time for no extra charge. simply email me the new image file and i'll replace it with the old one.

since i will be away for most of the summer, i will put all ads up when the new sites are up and running on the new domain. this will probably be sometime around early september when i head up to college. the month your ad actually appears on the new sites will be the starting month for payment.

if you have any questions, criticisms, comments, whatever, please don't hesitate to email me. positive and negative feedback are both appreciated.

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