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News for February 3, 2000:
This is from Plus Ones drummer Danny Panic:

"We have our record release party scheduled for February 14th, Valentine's Day, at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. We're supported by Bracket and possibly Stunt Monkey. Bret from Coldfront Records is planning on some great surprises- 500 heart shaped cookies with Plus Ones written on them in red icing, crepe paper streamers and balloons, and best of all-a kissing booth (one kiss=one dollar) with none other than Joel, Scotty and myself! We're looking forward to our first show of the new year so much.

"We'll have for sale our new CD EP, titled 'On the List,' as well as posters, buttons, and T-shirts. Unfortunately, it looks like the vinyl will not be ready at that point but we will definately have it for the tour."

So that's the news for now. Mark the tour dates on your calendar and go out there to support the Plus Ones!

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