february 26, 2003

/new aquabotic dot calm
malevolent creation - slaughter of innocence


jesus told me my new sketches and strange designs rule his fucking knockerz, "it totally gave me a christian ass boner" said he

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february 22, 2003

/correspondence with a 6th grader, part 05

"hey can you get busted by the fuzz for throwing cookie yes cookies [the otemeal kind]in the street almost only almost hitting cars [ok maybe trying to hit cars but meh ]cause since my friends and i are 'bad arses' in the kiddie way we found cookie in my front lawn and we go them and one of my friends kid sister took whole cookies and threw them at cars i tried but i was a baby[ i wish i had the balls to throw whole cookies at cars]but after awhile this soccer mom who had those soccer car decals for like michael and hannah and she pulled over and was asking what we were doing and my friends and i said we were like feeding birds or somthing and the lady was like'well you shouldent be throwing whatever that is is' and after that my friends and i went into a huddle and i told them we should of siad we were eating the cookies and we saw somthing weird so we threw it in the street and the lady cam back over and said if she sees us thier again shell call the police but dood it was a soccer mom she was probably bluffing but we were bored any ways...

"...haha dude did you know michael jackson had like 50 plastic surgery things on his face wow thats almost as much as you exept you had one on your face for your eyes so you cant tell its lazy hahaha the rest were on your booty and cha chas

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february 19, 2003

/intelligent behaviour
dying fetus - reduced to slavery

recent items that information analysts have concluded are gay:

- working at structure
- bathrooms (not just gym ones)
- drinking green tea with a touch of honey
- joking about making out with girls in the bathroom before class
- enjoying and appreciating the production capabilities and process of an old fashioned letterpress
- that "you can be a wrestler too" show on mtv

and these specialists have concluded that unsurprisingly kaosboy is guilty of most of these phenomena, that lord, guess which one and win a free unprotected prize in the bathroom (dammit i did it again)

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february 9, 2003

/she says 'man i'm rad'

amazing new sigur ros video

'An apocalyptic vision of the next phase of human desensitization to our destruction of the Earth.'

beautifully photographed and logically presented.

ps sage francis is my new boyfriend (sorry joey)

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february 8, 2003

/orange means you should be more frightened
air - how does it make you feel?


a good helping of fingernails, that oughtta do the trick, why dont you get in line to watch them quickly disappear_

as i do some oblique crunches i overhear some blonde girls nearby talk of winter tanning techniques, the tricks of the trade, while some dudes with nice asses sit on temporary bleachers watching a raquetball tournament rather attentively under areas of corporate logos and a tables of sponsored free health foods.

in contrast, a sixth grade prodigy sends me amazing loose drawings of me and my girlfriend joey fatone of n sync, joey fatone lip gloss of green apple flavour. a handmade "prince gaylord" crown with clashing white/light pink/light blue sweatband, astonishingly fresh and beautiful.

and on the inside we silently prepare for the inevitable in slow seemingly vulernable movements.

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february 7, 2003

/look too close i'll poke your eyes out
dream theater - the dream of eternity

like looking at a deadly virus squinting one wet eye to get a closer look at its highly contagious contents, less the microsopic visionary processing machine.

words of extreme obsession or anticipation or self fantasy or physical manipulation flood a 20 by 32 inch blank screen, hoping to communicate consumption patterns and habits through typographically based static ogranisms. sickening and rewarding, generous and spastic, silent and personal, peppered on your face in large spurts like bits of a bluebirds feather in a steeply elevated front lawn that desparately needs a good fucking slash mowing.

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