november 24, 2002

/glow in the dark cum stains
at the gates - blinded by fear

one to next to one

multiple surreptitiously placed wild fingers up my cheeks restrained my supreme bowling technique, i only bowled a 67 how lame. i even used the hot pink ball too. work on that. and under those blacklights in the basement it seems everything glows in the dark, teeth, bald spots, and the stains on my pants from my hot bathroom sessions with lil tina woo doggie recycling condoms roolz!!

i safety pinned a heart to my crotch and some sorority lesbian at taco cabana asked me why and my baby tina scared her away with the switchblades she keeps in her stereo shaped hot red purse.

and, recent indications of enjoying the delightful company of cheek:

- talking about the various fabrics you bought
- taking a screenwriting class
- big upper body, arms, but tiny stems (big no no)
- being slightly cross eyed

along those lines i saw a comrade's peen goodbye.

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november 21, 2002

/internet boyfriends rule
busta rhymes - mystikal iz they wildin wit us

jason: peen of glory
jason: peen of grace
jason: peen shalt come all over my face

my thoughts say come get it mother fucker

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november 20, 2002

/correspondence with a 6th grader, part 03
foo fighters - have it all

"wanna know somthing cool/rad? yeah i bet you do but guess what happened at school no i didny get in a fight but somthing way rad happend or i think my school the 6th grade floor got burnt in a fire really and i think most of my classes got burnt and i started in the girls bathroom it was funny cause like the announcer lady was on the intercom like "all teachers and students evacuate the bulding this is not a joke/drill and like everyone came out like not running or anything but like walking and my friends and i were like heheheh thad be funny if its just like a cigarette smoke stuff but like you coyuld totally see flames coming like by the blinds on the windows and smoke and like i think most of the 6th grade floor burnt and like my friend andrew and i saw the firemans comming out of the school and andrew was like hey sign my boobie but the firemans were like whose that wierd
kid and it waaaas so funny all the firemans are like fat really i saw them they were like ewwwwww and old and stuff and there was even an ems i thinkand like it was by the doors of the school and some kids on the other side by the bathroom SAW like really flames and they said they were really big"

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november 19, 2002

/we have three songs
dimmu borgir - architecture of a genocidal nature

slicing up an image of julio le parc amidst his wonderful creations to promote the development of personal relations between queers of all sorts on a simple clean sheet of multiplied xerox paper. i talked with kate about what happens to the biproducts of recycling, whether machines can replace even the volunteer worker, to celebrate the usage of the amazing separating mechanism, when i discard my canned processed spaghetti with meat sauce oe diced peaches in real 100 percent juice, not syrup.

so things with jason didnt work out as i had wished, what a shame, for his eyes were like fucking magnets i tell you. body's a monster truck, yes i like that.

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november 13, 2002

yes - changes

during my first public witness to john cage's 4'33" the conductor encouraged us to turn on cell phones and take calls. this one person whipped theirs out and it started playing "when the saints go marching in" and then this jokester behind me obsessively clicked and unclicked his pen then made a farting noise, one of those gross wet ones. now that i think about it the cell phone sounded like farting noises too, cute high ones that barely leak out, that usually smell like fresh eggs as opposed to sour ones.

"which is more musical: a truck passing by a factory or a truck passing by a music school?"
- john cage

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november 11, 2002

/two boys in a closet
a tribe called quest - show business

feeling very naive lately, like i'm at step one, maybe step two. the guy who talks about the pussy (yet desires the cheek, we all cross our hearts) went dancing with us at the gaylord club, intoxicated to the point where your eyes naturally squint as if rocky just knocked the crap out of you. crotch grabbing and the usual sexualized dance, all of a sudden we look over and triumph as some curly haired fuck is eating our friend's face off like it's new york meatball pizza.

meanwhile some old dude with a suggestively unbuttoned shirt whispered nothings into good ole johnnys ear and shook his hand, poor guy. they slept together, curly and our straight gay friend that is, shit i've been out since i was 18 and i've never gone home with anybody from a club. the next morning hangover man gave me a call and then later on he pretends like nothing happened, like he was too drunk to remember anything. poor guy number 02.

then when i talk to lydia and dylan about it, the shit is i cant even tell them about my sexual secret. they wouldnt even give a shit, it was on the tip of my tongue but something is still holding me back. it's not my green card, my passport, my student id, my bar mitzvah tshirt. but you should feel fucking lucky if you have one.

ps poor boy 02 in other words

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