august 23, 2002

/mexican tortillas not mexican blowjobs
beck - end of the day

kelly is on the telephone communicating sarcastically maybe to a preprogrammed robot set out to manipulate through sexual stimulation and organic fungus-like secretions. tonight we head to dallas to fight over BECK yeehaw that fucker better do "raspberry beret." i told her he was really short buuuut she didnt believe me and then she found out that he was, so now she owes me, say, a handful of steamy blowjobs or maybe just some soft mexican tortillas (or maybe both).

last night i wore all black and moved the rest of my prog rock records and shit into the new apartment, it maintains a move-in smell of fresh carpet and vinyl shower curtains, but that is much better than poor cats with anticreative names, shitting upon piles of their own shit in a holy matrimony of vomitous vile omelette. i do! and then you kiss the bride and light the menorah and break the wine glass encased in a tender white blanket.

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august 20, 2002

/the healthy conditioning of our air
new flamenco gypsy soul - malagueña

back in the usa thanks to the breathtakingly astonishing miracle of air travel, i thank the heavens as i enter cold natural spring water, a rusty yet familiar anvil in a crisp refreshing pool of plush feathers. apparently i lost 5 pounds despite constantly stuffing myself with carbohydrates in seoul korea...sweet rice cakes (light pink light green or light white), fried dumplings, dried seaweed, and the occasional dehydrated dead as shit octopus. i digest you and spit you out like a polluted fungus saying its last prayers to an incoming blue coloured steamroller with missing flag slash barcode.

i thank the god of temptation for showering me with vines full of sun ripened texas grapes, aged with wisdom and security, hearty and thick with muscle cavity and an effervescent flavour that tickles the eight senses and makes me fuckng selfish.

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august 1, 2002

/homo hill part 3 b/w watch me worldwide
cradle of filth - cthulhu dawn

the segment about the cancer kids volunteer program was aired on kbs news, followed by a silly story about cleaning tiger and walrus and sea lion teeth at some zoo in seoul korea. i called my aunt to tell her i was gonna be on national tv, it took me like 80 centuries to use my broken ass korean just to tell her that one simple little thing. but i've been learning the language at a rapid pace, similar to how much the mood of rose pedals can change in one day just by changing the plants water, and thus, its chemical and nutrient intake.

oh guy with army shirt you are ugly so. i cannot believe i once lusted after you, whose eyes are so drawn into your skull, giving you quite the skeleton like appearance. i get so horny i could fuck skeletons with subtle diseased meat ok so maybe its not that badd??

homo hill on a tuesday night is much more calm, we noticed, and went downstairs to a club where all the waiters are in drag, and are extremely flirty. they were on me like flies on shit. like they took turns touching my 20 year old fertile body, me, i cant stop fucking laughing, in a warm fuzzy buzzed state, more than enough to allow transsexuals to touch my peewee, even though the extent of the english they can speak is "how old are you" and "i want to touch it i want to touch it," and so they did.

wait till you see the photos!?

and the last time we went to the fated homo hill my ego was boosted as i was aware of more eyes fixed on me...just temporarily though 'cause the muscular guy in the red shirt who was dancing funny with his buttcheeks and meatballs, "accidentally" rubbing all over me at random intervals in time, why he was disgusting despite broad shoulders and defined powerful arms. to be desired by sleazy pseudo middle aged men acting like horny frat boys is flattering in its own way, i cannot quite describe it. my parents would (not) be proud. humbug!

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