july 26, 2002

/warm precious love the purest thing
blackalicious - passion

so many circles and squares with "ng" and "eui" sounds, i start forgetting how to order chimichangas with pinto beans in mexican nono spanish back in tejanoland.

the korean bowling alley consisted of heavy discoloured balls (my fingers were too big for the pink balls) and mosquito nests and upstairs exits with downsized doors into receding darkness and rotting arcade machines that probably havent been plugged into an electrical outlet for a few years now. i sympathize with the rotting video machines that have been replaced by heavy duty enhanced revolution of dance remix digitizations with subwoofer, treble filled speakers, and specialized hand motion sensors.

i walk around this city and wonder how much electric energy flows around its purina dog food veins, a few days ago we casually walked by a girl with a devilishly red face, sitting tensely on grimey subway station steps and surrounded by a couple of skinny incriminating police officers in light blue uniforms and hats. she seemed horribly worried, or frustrated, about something.

and then a few seconds later, at the top of the staircase, a crazy old man muttering korean jibberish to himself hovered over a soggy cardboard box containing sickly painfully unhealthy tiny kitties and puppies, moving ever so slightly and slowly as if each movement was its last...surrounded by wet, stale grime, perhaps month-old pieces of pig and chicken meat/muscle tissue that seemed to say "you're fuckd." no wonder.

an imitation: "please kill me now i am hungry please fucking kill me!!!!!" and elissa took a photo of me with a shocked face, next to the kittens who blankly stared at me, blinking slowly enough to yield enough time for me to get some fries and a shake...from fully opened eyes, then closed, then fully opened. it's part of a process i like to call "sex eyes."

and earlier tonight, after bowling 2 games despite my stubbed ass right thumb, we saw a potential street fight...one guy in his forties, obviously intoxicated, a fancy pants wifebeater, black belt tightly wrapped around one of his hands (ready to strike when correct button is pressed), exchanging harsh slurred korean words with some guy in his 30s in a business suit. floating/stumbling from sidewalk to street and back to sidewalk, a 40 something woman holding back the loud pissed off belt man, a partner in business holding back the 30 something with a flushed smile on his deep red face. he was sweating uncontrollably, i remember that.

a police car drove past the street violence pre-game scrimmage, turned the corner, and disppeared. nearby, a boy in our group videotaped the massacre in training with a shiny digital camera, in a dark alley that reaked of some sort of imaginary fish deep fried in a light combination of polluted water and human vomit from 6 years ago, wounded and barely even breathing yet still alive, with the potential to ___________.

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july 19, 2002

/two plates for biceps and upper torso
enon - high society

rotten squirrel in the vein of dj christ, i eat your nuts with shaved chopsticks and soy sauce, sometimes with a dash of thousand island dressing if it's too cold. i like the legs best 'cause they have plenty of bone cavity, shit to chew on / to choose what will we do tonight with your puzzled remains

i walked around in the acid rain 'cause it builds character and gets me more in touch with my feminine side anyway.

ingrown groups of boiled raisins i will eat you as if you are gravy; "my right palm reveals the damage" from a two-on-two basketball game on a tilted hoop, tilting more and more with each day (now maybe at a 25 or 26 degree angle with respect to annoying ass drunken korean americans from the wild west coast). me and big phil from the reservation lost to the lucky korean fucks 15 to 9. my jumpshot sucks...,a black and blue bruise covering tender joints, sudden observation of a shiny forehead, sticky pits that need to be shaved (you cant hide that boner), a crotch that when seated looks like a hugantic boner at any interval of time, a sore ass lower back (do situps), and the fated balding scalp, all in the wrong places.

i ordered the drink titled "orgasm" or in korean "aw luh gah jum" and it was very strong and my ears turned red and my cheeks were rosier than the sparkly shoes on that bitch that followed the brick road to some green castle where all their answers were faced and then they cried.

again we found ourselves in another expensive place for kids to lose their shit, the two kids who speak chinese and the girl who lets me play with her boobs (on command). exchanged some conversation about where we were september 11th 2001 (wow it's almost been a year already, let's drink to that!), i sat there and talked about how i teared 'cause i couldnt call the mishka up in nyc, then while they talked about being scared, i half listened and half fantasized about whitey with nice legs and big strong arms and a pair of lips i would like to sautee and legally rename to "mine." ha.

ps: i want you now would be nice

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july 12, 2002

/the exploration of homo hill

there's a gay section even in the seoul korea, we discovered, and aside from a brief spurt of drunken homophobia from a nearby patron we shuffled through the area called "homo hill" in the night club slash prostitution district of seoul. down some alley, full bodied korean girls in leather gstrings hanging onto door handles, illuminated by bathroom esque fluorescent and neon light...homo hill in contrast is remarkably clean and shiny like a diamond or a sapphire, a few dance clubs and laid back bars/coffeeshops riding each others ass in their own little alley. cute.

we went there a couple nights ago and i lost my gay club virginity, a place called "why not?" it was very clean and cold and dimly lit with typical dance remixes playing with my ears. the bartender was cute. he danced like such a homo; shoulders back, subtle head nodding, mouthing all the lyrics, eyes closing, and shit.

we returned to why not? after watching whitey get intoxicated and fucking obnoxious in military dogtag sleaze trash heaven. the projection screen displayed images of flawlessly tanned muscled men playing volleyball on a beach with no pants, and alas, the group was numbed down to just me and jenny, my new faghag extraordinaire. this guy stumbled over to us and peer pressured us into going to the gay club he works at called "G" so we followed him down some narrow black steps, he whispered something into the doorman's ear, and we got in for free.

inside it was dark and smokey and throbbing. there were some gayreans dancing real funny on the lit up platform. the guy's name was linus (ha), he spoke very good engrish, and he drunkenly introduced us to the owner, a 40 something korean flamer whom i think fancied me. meaning he surreptitiously copped a feel on my fertile smooth 20 year old body, ha...gently squeezed my right bicep, and then my right boob, and making some "oooh!" noise. twas cute. i guess after getting two free drinks and no cover charge, just for being foreign (plus jenny pretended to be a lesbo, ha), letting some old guy grope me for a few minutes aint so bad. kinda flattering in a funny funny way.

the drinks were very weak which is good 'cause i'm easy enough as it is, haha. we said annyong to linus and went back to why not? to people watched for a while. i saw a couple hotties and played eye games with a couple, but i'm as aggressive as a brick wall so no hot action for me, ah well. i guess gay clubbing is kinda fun even though mainstream queers like shitty music. just try and think of a slow ballad they havent remixed with a crappy casio keyboard ass house beat. how the hell do they do it.

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july 11, 2002

/my favourite tragedy vs the orgasm
chopin - ballade in g minor

the quote of the day was "lets face it, when you need a blowjob, you need a blowjob" referring to stories of horny old mexican women on greyhound buses who nudged me with their elbows, sometimes while i'm asleep or engaged in a makeout session with my electronic musical device, and speak to me in spanish, a smile featuring p diddy and little to no teeth.

one thing i do not understand about seoul korea, there are tons of korean kids with lightened hair and american hip hop music and american hair ties and american shizoes and american teeth softeners and american eyelash dispensers and american _______...yet some of them look down on americans as being imperialistic. which may be true...but why mimic and parody a forest when you wanna facefuck its poisoned berries with switchblades and rusty nails.

i joined yearbook staff and got free pizza and made jokes about blowjobs and shit.

my pops informed me that korea has been invaded by other nations about 900 times in 5000 years. i also learned that koreans currently download the most porn out of any country in the world.

most of the machines here in seoul make cute beeping noises. they have weird air conditioners here too, they usually sit in a corner and resemble some sort of tall pearl coloured shelf that nearly touches each and every ceiling. men in black 2 was a joke, but it was fun seeing all the korean teenagers with blond hair laughing at black people killing extraterrestrial beings with the latest technology in environmental firearms. i also got a free terminator 2 poster from a record store that carries every blind guardian album for like $8 in the sparkly mazelike mall. i am a cybernetic organism.

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july 6, 2002

/cancer camp

i was chosen out of the group as a result of a local newspaper wanting 5 international looking students who are involved in the cancer kids program, i was the token mexican guy for photographical purposes but thats ok.

i sat there amongst a pile of legos and toy trucks and manga, on the tiny table with a little boy who was creating a big tall house (with a big tree on the roof) using oversized blocks of red, green, yellow, and blue colour. robots on the boy's orange tshirt, no hair on his head (faint eyebrows), a big taped up bandage on his left wrist (he showed me), and a baby blue facemask covering his mouth and nose. earlier, the doctor explained to us that even a common cold could 'cause serious dramatic pain.

upon completion of his tiny lego structure, i held it up and said in korean "wow thats huge!" and even though my korean sucks, his eyes wrinkled and i heard him giggle.

the previous night, me and some college kids went to this "american" night club called the noise basement, the only american thing about that place were the people. the main dancing room was about the size of my buttcrack trust me thats small, but after downing jenny's gross ass long island iced tea, size didnt really matter. jenny and i attempted to scrub the ground with our cottage cheese buttcheeks (well my cottage cheese buttcheeks), while i looked around at the funny korean hip hop dancers, whose shirts say "phat farm" and "majah flavah" haha...and although my shirt said "cave-in" i booty danced way past my bedtime, scoping out the american military men in their tank tops and their crewcuts and their abdominal muscles and their horny drunken smiles. apparently they dig asian girls.

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july 4, 2002

/you're almost a winner
the 5th dimension - the hideaway

unbelievably smokey and pricey, well we were in the upper class area of seoul in a bar synonymous with my surname, a state of liquid, in fact i had a headache that seemed to burn holes in my scalp, yet i let the lemon soju twist my throat and turn my face and ears and eyes a reddish colour similar to crab leg sections or newly painted frying pans or hot convertibles during a storm of fire on oil and water.

jenny's birthday party ruled, taking shots of that lemon shit, and on the field trip i had a beverage called "hooch" and it was a blackcurrant flavour on the label but an aftertaste of milky grape semenlike discharge.

i discriminated between korean to english dictionaries based on which ones included translations of the word "penis." i miss america, miss america...those furry arms, (not so) uneven breasts (anymore), spraypainted skulls on tshirts. in korea they have "super wide" shoelaces, with pink or blue stars, baby skulls, among other patterns. i bought a red belt, i might be a super secret ninja, and you might be electric eel bait in a cloudy fish tank with blue oval shaped sides, in front of an octopus restaurant that i cannot afford right now, at this rate.

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