may 30, 2002

/she's got the bomb ass pussy
my bloody valentine - you made me realise

it's that after-sex glow that cracks me up, especially with those individuals experiencing the wonders of the fuck for the first time. yes i put it so eloquently, yet she put it so romantically 'cause thats her style. i think she deserves the satisfaction, the physical machine breaker, the epitome of a milkshake made completely out of human flesh. the self manipulator.

me, well i have another fucking new crush, mister pop-punk with a sense of humor that destroys flowers and builds mountains out of wet fur. come get me i'm ready lets share some fries and a shake oh wait i'm not single. rats.

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may 29, 2002

/i must here out of get
karin krog - raindrops, raindrops

who has a crush on who, she's only 16 and pregnant with her sophomore baby, other girls with braces and loud mouths and moody nervous repesentations of fear.

the blond haired boy who got fired for throwing ice cubes near some guy's kids in the arcade while everyone stood around watching and laughing. the guy with a scruffy face and no doors on his car (which prompted the question "do you care if you live or die?"), the creepy old guy with the bad teeth and sticky hair who only talks about work work work (he also pinches me, which i dont like either). the chubby girl who works two jobs, drinks beer for breakfast ('cause she's thirsty in the morning), and goes to church for fun, and who has the attention span of a happy meal receipt; yet still with good intentions.

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may 28, 2002

/your priorities are wrong
turbonegro - screwed and tattooed

a sudden unbelivable gust of wind and immerging raindrops attack michael's rustic car immediately after we closed our doors. the approaching thunderstorm was armed with the power to make roads slippery and sidewalks unwalkable, but at least we enjoyed pretty girls make graves' brief set minutes earlier. interstate highway 35 was flooding quickly but somehow we made it to jack in the box, where i ridiculed michael (like a good boyfriend) for ordering his value meal during "a fucking tornado."

ok so maybe i exagerrate a bit but damn natural disasters make me more nervous than anything really. well 2nd to getting STD test results. actually thats a natural disaster too.

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may 26, 2002

/mutually silent forms of visual capture
they might be giants - she's an angel

a menacing new video camera device with a "digifect" that creates a black border on the top and bottom of the presented image, the output something in the form of pretending to know what we're doing. suddenly while we film each other's mexican vanilla milkshake movements, a self inflicted horribly innocent silence emerges, in a mutual sense. several aspects of her in the record shop smiling seductively at a nappy roots cd.

and then i notice carrying such a recording device, and upon capturing the gotham city esque full moon tonight, many eyes devour me in their own curious silence. i feel compelled to cross my legs like a troubled teenager would, in the ice cream shop. she feels compelled to film herself, close-ups mostly, performing an act of silly clown like faces.

meanwhile, among the group of alternakids sitting across from us, a girl with a puke green jacket watches kelly make silly giggly faces at herself. we walk over to the ice cream counter and ask the philosophy major what the meaning of life is, followed by an attempt at getting him to make out with the big guy who kept dropping our vanilla scoops. failed miserably. but we left the altered scene with 10 minutes of new footage, and she deems the new experience exhilarating. my little girl is growing up.

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may 24, 2002

/should i eat them NO
oingo boingo - insects

not exactly a kegger but a high school rendezvous nonetheless, upon consumption of spicy beverage, my eyes carried a sexy bloodshot red necktie, my skin enflamed with goofy laughter and a lobster red orgy of sonic vibration and mild chili cheese dip. me and johnny got quite the upper/lower workout to a few refused tunes, performing our own dizzied interpretations of rock star backflips and kickflips and guitar destroying and microphone groping. after which we both laid there motionless on the carpeting wiping away sweat and gasping for some fresh breath.

so the census is in, i am goofy happy and horny when i'm drunk so please bounce with me then laugh with me then hug me then fuck me, in that order is that too much to ask.

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may 22, 2002

/five finger discounted fried chicken lips
sweet charity - rich man's frug

as of today may 22nd 002 my name and stitchings of popcorn i.e. drawings and a diagram are in 4 eighth grade girls' yearbooks. they stormed the movie theater with yearbooks and braces and a heavy ammunition of the word "faggot." i mean c'mon any guy that actually buys gummi savers obviously enjoys butt sex. lord knows i do!

i enjoy urging the giggly one to ask out the sexy ass stripper excuse me exotic dancer with a 7 year old boy. she told me an onlooker said they both had goofy smiles while attempting to raise the buttocks higher than the cabeza. ah story of my life (lived through others??).

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may 19, 2002

/1000 island dressing as sun block
turbonegro - sailor man

i am a better boy scout than you, no i'm not but somehow i make myself believe that i look good with my bad tan and chest hair stubble that britt calls "tacky" as we paddle paddle paddle around the cute man who hurt himself under the bridge using our canoe of easy breath. britt was in the back (for steering) and my shirt was off, i was suckered by some flamer with a belly in a crummy gas station to buy this expensive ass lotion that is intended to block the sun as well as several kinds of heat energy rays.

as i apply the solution, the sun is hindered by an inevitable cold front which britt does not like but i adorn. the tanned skin lacks total symmetry but my eyes and ears shift towards mister power squid shh dont tell 'cause lumberjacks kill everything especially in high school yearbooks.

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may 15, 2002

/eating yogurt makes you live longer
smoking popes - need you around

no ones ever told me they loved me before, in that sense, in that way, in present tense. quickly followed by a brief period of silence and of the science of confusion as he held me and i used the salty medium of teardrops to paint a map of cambodia on his button up shirt.

i lost it for a few minutes, whats with the escaping fear of creating conflict as a means of personal change? a sign of maturity perhaps, but more recently a tool for the anti-prediction of thought patterns, of mono sonic frequencies and numeral details of eclipsing data.

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may 13, 2002

/today's inspiration
deep puddle dynamics - purpose

joey joy of man's desiringjoey joy of man's desiringjoey joy of man's desiring

being married to a pop star is like totally such a complicated thing in fact life couldnt get any more complex than this, wheres my hair glue?? maybe i can borrow some from my koreatatas, lord jesus knows there's plenty o secretions there with moist breath version 33.

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/horses hate my goatee stubble anyway
strapping young lad - oh my fucking god

burn burn burn goes the little teapot and so i return from a hiatus in the vein of a slow fucking snapping turtle wondering why she exists when she cant breathe through the smoke and veiny parasitically fresh environment she dwells in. she is curious, yet apathetic, not sympathetic, and definitely reversely analytical, or cynically, or supposedly. interlocking.

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